Horrors on the Horizon

Darkness and hope collide in a tale of a world growing ever-bleaker, where a small force of those who still hold faith in the future of their society combat beasts born of misery and war.

At the forefront of this battle, is a hunter-priest with an emerging power to enthrall the demons.  But enthralling them is not controlling them, and as two ancient evils converge to grow an army of creatures empowered by death, Korsten has no choice but to confront them or risk a demonic shroud falling over all of Edrinor.

The journey into a world of demons, magic, war, absent gods, and a singularly bright hero with a dark power begins in September, and I shall talk more of Korsten and others from the Bastards of the Gods series soon.

The Demon Shroud Enthraller Book 1 A Bastards of the Gods Novel
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The Man Who Sleeps Among Demons

The Elf on the Cover of Two Warring Dragons

Hello and guess what...