Sneak Peek at The Era Beast

One: The Architect and the Poet
The sun rose over the Yong Shu prefecture, as distinct as a red peony upon the golden sands of the Imperial Gardens.  Hua Gong was some distance from the Emperor’s City.  He had left months ago.  It was by the decree of the Ganzan ruler himself, that he should seek and find inspiration to build the Imperial family a retreat. And so, he had arrived at the sandy plains near the eastern coast of Sheng Fan.  The earth stretched toward the sea, like the coils of a great dragon.  Tufts of long, soft grass billowed as majestically as the strands of its mane and tail.  Portions of the land were solid, peeking through, like clusters of armoring scales.  It was here that Hua Gong believed he would find the ideal location to erect a palace for his emperor. The base camp had been established.  High wooden fences surrounded four connected yards, each with its own designation.  Storage of food and supplies, and residence for animals and for men.  Though the walled villa…

Horrors on the Horizon

The Man Who Sleeps Among Demons

Stuart is Missing. Everybody Panic.

The Elf on the Cover of Two Warring Dragons

Hello and guess what...