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Stuart is Missing. Everybody Panic.

Actually, don't panic. Daniel and Mei Lin are on the case. Or, they would be--if he was gone--but he's actually still here, taking a small vacation; sipping tea, 'chasing' around with Daniel, and all of the things a lost Prince of the Dreaming does.

This ramble is for anyone who has read or who was interested in reading the Dreamer series of short stories and novellas and who has gone looking for them (or looking for more) and found them missing from my published shelf.  The history on the Dreamer series is this: Long ago, in a place far, far afield, I and another character met a faerie prince wandering the streets in search of the finest teas. He was also on assignment. I thought this was an interesting thing for a faerie prince to be doing, so began to stalk him from the shadows and observe his activities. As it turned out, he was working for a mysterious organization of humans, whose mission is to monitor the activities of supernatural beings in the world and to de…